Thursday, April 5, 2012

Turkish Discotecas > Turkish Delight

And I love me some authentic Turkish delight, Chronicles of Narnia style. But it's a pretty easy decision that their discotecas are even better. Going to a foreign discoteca has been on my bucket list for. ever.

This is a small taste of what happens when a bunch of BYU students overrun a Turkish discoteca. This, and Claire's dreams come true.


  1. Disco lives!!!

    Spoke too soon about Annie's hair. Grandma put it in hot rollers, I took them out and gave her a style (at rehearsal) and by the time dance pix were done, her curls were gone. Had no hairspray, but they still should have stayed for 3 hours. (Ugh, 3 hours!)

    Love love,


  2. Mommmmmy!

    Hey! So, sorry I didn't text you back. Apparently the texting app is disabled through the Center internet, so I can get your texts, I just can't text back. In any case, I love hearing from you always. :) In regards to your latest text: ouch on the first one. I guess you can just go back to your original plan? Oh, and you should ask Haverfield for info on how to update the Drama Club website page. That would be neat.

    As far as the diffuser though- sweet! I'm thinking I'm going to try to embrace the curly look a little more this summer; we'll see how that goes.

    Annie's hair... so weird! They definitely should have stayed for at least three hours. Unless she was really shaking her head a lot at rehearsal... but even then...

    Two weeks!! So crazy. Been thinking of you lots lately. Tomorrow is our talent show--me and my roommates are doing a hula! Sarah's mom is a quarter Hawaiian, so she's been hula-ing for like ten years now. She taught us a dance to the Lilo and Stitch "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride"... it's so much fun.

    Anyway, I love you soo much!! I'll be seeing you super soon.

    Love love love love love,