Thursday, April 5, 2012

Second half of Turkey... In a debatable number of words...

Due to collage-ing pictures, I'm not exactly how many thousands of words this post has. Hopefully enough to satisfy.

Part of our trip was talking about the different canonical councils, including the famous/infamous Nicaea Council! We visited the site where they would have debated the books of scripture, which was a pretty neat site, considering how much influence the council had on each of our lives as Christians.

At Nicaea. It was soooo cold. 

Janae and I at the gymnasium at Sardis, where men used to wrestle. 

Not feeling up to wrestling, I did the most gymnasium appropriate thing I could think of- cartwheels! After doing like ten or so I was able to compile some good shots, thanks to Sarah's super camera skills. 

Then we went to the HAGGIA SOPHIA!!! Only one of the most beautiful buildings ever built. It started out as a gorgeous church and was then converted into a mosque. It now functions as a sweet tourist attraction. I've heard about the Haggia Sophia for a long time, and last semester in Art History we learned a lot about it. So actually getting to see it was quite fulfilling.
Haggia Sophia collage!!! So pretty......
We spent our final hours in Istanbul at a fish restaurant... which would have been great, if I was a fan of fish. (and yes mom, I did try it. But it was super fishy. :) Thus, I ate a dinner consisting of soup and probably 15 pieces of french bread. Very good french bread. The restaurant itself was impressive, complete with pillow seats along the wall! Sarah and I fought our way in to get prime pillow seats. Others, like Becca and Jason, weren't as lucky.
This picture demonstrates a univesal truth: Pillow seats = wealth and wine glasses, regular chairs = poverty, water, and bread. Pillow seats FTW.

Regardless of having pillow seats or not, we were all still served these delicious appetizers: green olives wrapped in fish. ...errr, yum.


  1. Good job trying the fish. The little olive things looked pretty gross to me . . . Cute, but gross.

    So after I read your "popcorn is healthier than vegetables" article, one came out in the Butte paper that said the same thing. It also talked about the health benefits of chilis, chocolate and coffee. Then they had a recipe: Aztec caramel chocolate popcorn; it has powdered espresso and ancho chilis. I printed out the recipe. It looks yuh-mmy! I know popcorn isn't your favorite, but if it's covered in all these delicious flavors, maybe you'll like it.

    Telling myself that I don't have to be the first one to hug you when you get off the plane, that I can let malinkies in first. But I don't think I can be that mature, and I might just push them out of the way to fly at you.


  2. PS In the pic with the wine glasses you look about twelve. Not that that's a bad thing . . .