Thursday, April 12, 2012

For Mom!

I don't know how else to get in touch with you at the moment, so this will have to suffice:


Also, I took this picture meaning to upload it forever ago. It was a giant rock I saw on our Shephelah field trip. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to take a picture. You know why. :)

Love you!!!!!


  1. Clairedy Claire! You found a heart rock! So excited about the new book. Oh my darling girl I love you sooooooooooo much, you just couldn't believe how much. Can't wait to see you in less than a week and hear all your stories. Wish I could take several days off to hear them all.


  2. Awwww mommy, I love you soooo much!!!!! I'll be seeing you and watching you shove down malinkies and hugging you so soon! Haha. I'm definitely excited for the new book; we'll have to get two copies when it comes out though cause I don't think I can deal with you stealing another JK Rowling book, hahaha. :D

    I told Annie when I talked to her on Sunday that she could maybe just attach her thing in a reply to one of my emails in daddy's account, but he's in Tennessee right now, so I guess that won't work, haha. Maybe have Morgan try it through his email?

    I'll call your phone on Sunday, same time as usual if that works??

    SO MUCH LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But seriously.


  3. Lost my driver's license today. It was the freakiest thing. It's behind the baseboard of the handicapped bathroom stall at the Y. Couldn't have done it if I had tried, but when I hung my pants on the hand rail, my license and debit card fell down the wall and straight behind the baseboard. A few milimeters of my debit card were sticking out and I managed to retrieve it (despite the long nails), but the license is very, very gone. Am taking off from work a little early to get a new one. Hopefully they don't want to take my pic again; I washed my hair this morning and it's all poofy - I know you know what I mean!!

    What are the odds?

    Your apparently ungraceful mom

  4. Day after tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Forgot to say above that my dl and debit were in my pants pocket. Realized later that it didn't quite make sense. They did need to take my pic again, but it didn't turn out too horrible.

    So I figured out a better way to do the Hamlet costumes. We'll still have to sew the doublets, or overshirts, but that's all. The boys will have to find boots; hopefully that won't be an issue. Anyway, I'm freaking out less. :-}

    Got the costumes for the gopher play done except for overalls for Jimmy-Bob and Bobbi-Jim (Bobbi-Jim is female since I lost a male actor. She's doubling as a raven). I got tshirts donated from ALCO and dyed the gophers brown. They're kind of too dark, but will have to do. Then I dirtied two of them for J-B & B-J with coffee and tea. They came out great. Got makeup donated from Pamida and a small plastic tool box to keep it in from Murdoch's (used to be Quality Supply). Also got raven shirts donated from Barg Basement. We'll have to attach wings to them, just black fabric with elastic at the wrists. Easy peasy. Anyway, I was donation gold yesterday. Now need donation from Safeway for bobbi pins, brushes, hairspray, bottled water, etc.

    Day after tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!