Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First Half of Turkey! In over 8,000 words...

So, I just realized that if I don't get on top of my blogging soon, I'll still be catching up by the time I get home. Thus, I'm going to shorten my writing and just get some good 'ole pics up for everyone to see. And since a picture's worth a thousand words, you guys get 8,000 words. So here are just a few highlights from the first few days in Turkey:

  • The most incredible bonfire of my life. Our first hotel built us a giant bonfire, on the beach, on the Mediterranean, under a full moon, with rockin' music and 82 best friends. Yeah- life is good.
  • Visiting Troy, and wishing the whole time that mom could be there with me! It was so cool to see the ruins and, especially, the wooden horse replica! We had tons of fun climbing up in there.
  • Riding a ferry from Europe to Asia! Literally. And, incredibly, it took all of 25 minutes.

The beach at our first hotel! 
Me, Becca, and Sarah and the BEACH!
We spent a good half hour or so just writing things in the sand... So much fun. :)

"Chicken"... in Turkey... Get it? Haha. 

At this point we were a 20 minute boat ride away from Greece... but couldn't go... :(

Riding a ferry from the Europe part of Turkey to the Asian side of Turkey

Not exactly an "O-H-I-O," but pretty good. ;)

In the replica wooden horse! Sadly Brad Pitt wasn't there to go in with us...

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