Monday, March 12, 2012

Seder Meal

We had an early Seder Meal, or Passover Dinner, with our Judaism/Israel teacher a few weeks ago (yes- I'm now playing catch-up). We went through most of the traditional activities, including the whole ritualistic/symbolic dinner—bitter herbs and all. I remember doing a Passover meal of sorts in Sunday School nine years ago or so. It was fairly short, and all I could remember was eating weird foods without much understanding of the symbolism behind the activities. This time however, it was nothing close to short, and I understood each step. We did most of the readings in English, but occasionally Professor Yarden would read the material in Hebrew. All the songs we sang were in Hebrew too, which helped the authenticity feel of it all. 
The book we used and the place settings
In any case, I’m grateful that I’ll now have a picture in my head every Passover when I imagine how other people are celebrating their tradition.

Our table for the Seder-- Daniel, me, Cameron, Brother and Sister Graham, and Crystal
Right after the meal- Annaliese, Crystal, me, and Codi
After the meal with Lee and Travis. Rachel Huntsman had just said something really funny, hence the odd expressions on our faces
After the meal, however, we had to get back to work. The next day was an Old Testament midterm, and there was still much studying to be done. Especially when there’s this many “A” and “J” names to know about… in addition to everything else:

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