Monday, March 12, 2012

"Forbidden Love"

Holidays in the Center aren’t like holidays anywhere else. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be here for Fall Semester, and celebrate Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving here. We experienced our first holiday away from the states on February 14th, Valentine’s Day. We celebrated in the ways we could. Most everyone wore red and pink, and Sarah and I cut out hearts which she decorated and put up all over our apartment. The faculty handed out heart-shaped suckers, and we listened to purely love songs (of the country persuasion) while in the apartment. That Friday, however, we had our Valentine’s Day Dance. As stated various times before, dancing is kind of my thing, so I was pretty psyched.

Roomie pic before the dance!
The theme of the dance was “Forbidden Love.” It’s an inside joke of sorts for the Center. Dating within the Center is against the rules here, both so that we can concentrate on our studies, and also so things don’t get awkward with breakups and whatnot. This makes for a lot of awkward “almost-relationships” around the Center among the students here that aren’t otherwise committed. 

Bonnie, me, Sarah, Lee, Grace, Janae, and Loie
Me, Becca, Sarah, and Lee
The dance itself was a blast. Almost everyone here loves to dance (I think it’s a BYU thing in general, and it’s only exaggerated among the JC students), which makes for a stellar party. Wesley DJ-ed for us, and thus we had sweet music all night long. Sarah and I sometimes danced “dance-off style”… which happens basically every night in our room, but this time, there were other people to notice. More than once, we ended up being surrounded by everyone, yelling, as we went hardcore for forty five seconds or so. Way fun. We’ve now heard more times than we can count “woah- I didn’t think you guys could dance like that,” which is either flattering or slightly offensive… we haven’t decided which yet. Haha.

Halfway through the dance- Madison, Me, Amy (up above :), Becca, and Loie
Janae, Becca, me, and Sarah
Wall pic- haha. Becca, Sarah, me, Janae, and Lee
The best part of Valentine’s Day, however, was getting Valentine’s mail!! Both a Valentine from my diligent Aunt ‘Reen’ who’s sent me a Valentine every year since I can remember, and a package from the ever incredible Mitch. With plenty of Valentine’s candy and even Justin Bieber valentines. :) 

Thus, I had a most lovely Valentine’s Day, even though I couldn’t spend it at home.


  1. KDWG played "Sunscreen" this morning as I was picking up clients. Thought of you so much!


  2. PS You look so happy. Was talking with your dad last night and surmised that you will be sad to be home when your grand adventure is over. We'll hug you through it! Love love love, your loving, loverly mom

  3. :) Haha. I haven't heard the "Sunscreen" song for forever! So good. It makes me happy that you thought of me. And thanks- I am happy. Really happy. Things are so good here- but I definitely miss you guys too. It will be bittersweet to leave for sure.

    ;) Hope "Whoa" (Woah) is a good thing. :)

    I love my loverly Mom!

    Sissy Fiss

  4. "Whoa" was just a spelling correction, my darling girl-who-usually-spells-so-well. <3 <3 <3

  5. Haha, oh you would say that. :D

    <3 me