Saturday, March 3, 2012

Neot Kedumim Field Trip!

A couple of weeks ago we went on a “Bible Experience Field Trip” to a Biblical Land Preserve. In other words, it’s 620 acres of land that has plants that would have been around in the Biblical era. This led to some kind of neat explanations, such as Adam and Eve’s use of fig leaves to cover themselves. We compared fig leaves to leaves of other plants that they most likely would have had at their disposal, and wound up at the conclusion that fig leaves were by far the biggest of the time, and thus would have been the most practical to use in their tailoring.

We also got to make our own hissop (Hebrew word) or zatar (Arabic word). It’s a spice here that’s used on tons of food, especially bread. We played “ancient people” and smooshed the leaves into a thousand pieces… possibly more. After this, we moved over to another part of the preserve which largely resembled Birch Creek (imagine for just a second how homesick that made me). We then made dough for our own pitas (awesome!), and lit some fires to cook them on. As soon we lit the fires it felt like a giant camping trip. The only thing that could’ve made it better was some good fishing.

Smooshing hissop! Yum!
With the pita dough! Me, Madison, and Jen
Putting the dough on the hot pan! I actually really miss cooking here... Pathetic, I know.

However, the thing I was looking forward to most in this trip was the promised “sheep herding.”  I'd been really excited for the herding for a while, ever since they told us that it would be part of the "experience." I was more than ready to show off my well honed sheep herding skills. For some reason, I guess I was picturing some beautiful mountainside scene, reminiscent of Scotland or the sorts, where we'd be taking hundreds of sheep down into a lush, green valley. You can imagine my reaction when we found out that we would be going in groups of twenty to herd four sheep and four goats from one circle to another. Not exactly what I had been picturing. Regardless, I did my thing, and it was pretty fun. Another feather in the Montana-girl hat.

Standing with the... multitude of sheep and goats
We found this sign that said marriage straight ahead, so we followed it. However, I remain unmarried. Lies.
Fake crying with Danielle's giant bunch of myrtle. Putting it above your bed is supposed to bring wealth to your life. I have a little spring on my corkboard here, but, again, no luck yet.

We ended the day with hearing from a Torah scribe telling us about copying the Torah. It was fascinating.


  1. What a fun post! Love the photos. How did the park smell? Was the aroma of ancient plants different than modern ones?

    Forgot to tell you how sad I was to have missed your calls. I had left my phone at work (the only day I've ever done that! What are the odds?) and got it just 10 minutes after you called. I pushed redial but my phone contract wouldn't let me call you back. :-{

    There's a TV show Annie and I have been watching called Face/Off. It's a contest show like Project Runway (which is having an all-star show right now) but with movie makeup, particularly monsters and creatures. The last show was creating Tim Burtonesque characters. I think you would like it.

    Still giving away lots of stuff, gave away that blue beaver yarn you made your scarf out of - hope that was OK!

    Took G'ma to the ER today. She had symptoms that could have been a heart attack or pneumonia (dizziness & chest heaviness) but checked out OK, thank goodness. Speaking of G'ma, she has written you a couple of long comments and they have all gotten lost. She hasn't figured out the disguised word you have to type in (can't remember what that is called).

    Annie and Slava have CRT's this week, and this week is also teacher conferences. Annie is excited about one of us going to Birch Creek with her. How cool that place you went to reminded you of there. Maybe it's a sign. :-}

    Will put some more photos/video up on my blog, hopefully tonight.

    Lovelovelovelovelovelove! Mom

  2. Couldn't get the video to load. Go here:

  3. Hoping you have enough bandwidth in one of your hotels to watch! Beware though: I guarantee it will make you homesick.

    Love love!

  4. Went there. Watched it. Made me cry (in a good way). Miss you guys so much!!! I love you so huge!!!!! Went to Troy today, thought about you the whole time. Someday soon we'll go, kay?

    Love more than I can say,


  5. Oh Sweetie, I'm so glad you liked the video. We'll post another one, but don't want to make you cry again too soon. :-}

    Had auditions today, and seeing at least 2 more people tomorrow. Still need one more guy. If I can't get a highschooler I'll ask Katherine Korpi's younger brother (8th grade) to do a small part.

    My leads are (but shhhhh! don't tell until I post the cast list) Joel and Josey Creger. Will be able to cast everyone who auditioned, at least so far. Still nervous about the set . . . thank yahweh you'll be here to help me!!

    Lovelovelovelovelovelove, Mom

  6. Also cast Curen Feliciani, Elizabeth Ostler, Adam Waldorf, Jace Kuntz and girls named Sam, Hailey, Annaliese, Madison and Kayla.

    Have to order scripts this morning. Getting excited!