Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I adore/love/cherish my roommates.

I have been so lucky with roommates this year. Fall semester my roomies were the, and we had a blast. This semester, I've been equally lucky. We make up a very eclectic group. Very eclectic. But somehow, it just works. We have dance parties all time, stay up late talking and doing each other's hair, and watching episodes of "The Voice" (which y'all should start watching too!). Anyway, this post is dedicated to my roommates and some of the fun things we've done these past few weeks.

During our finals week, right before we left to Turkey, we were swamped and stuck in the Center for far too long. Thus, we decided we should celebrate later in the week for all the hard work we'd been putting in. Concencus on the best place to celebrate: West J at the Waffle Bar! I've never been particularly into waffles, but these are seriously the best. waffles. ever. My waffle had white chocolate chips and chocolate whipped cream (so good), as well as a heaping side of ice cream. De-li-cious.
My waffle! So. Good.
The roomies and I outside the Waffle Bar
Janae and I- her with her delicious pizza and me with my waffle

We take any chance we can get to celebrate here, and thus, leap year was no exception. To celebrate it here we had various activities, including an iPod dance party and a giant steam roller in the hall at midnight. Additionally, we used it as an excuse to dress up (because we're always on the lookout for those...). The idea was to switch identities with another person. Many students dressed up as professors, but we decided to switch things up as roommates. Even though we woke up a little late, we managed to pull it all off pretty well. I dressed up as Lee, Lee dressed up as Sarah, Sarah as Janae, and Janae as me. It was a blast, and everyone was impressed with how much we looked alike.
Janae, me, Sarah and Lee... or should I say me, Lee, Janae, and Sarah... :)
The cowboy hat on Janae gives it away... Oh, to be a Montana girl... :)
Finals was crazy stressful. When we finally made it through, we wanted to have a little fun, or at least something to look forward to. So, as roommates, we instigated "80s Day." It was the first day we've been able to sleep in all semester (which felt so good) and then with an extra hour before lunch we did our hair and makeup (limited clothing didn't really allow for dressing up as well). We rocked the 80s like no one's business. My hair was glad to finally get a chance to show off. ;)
Lee, Sarah, Janae, and Me
And again. Popped leg... yes.
Janae and I, rockin' on.
Probably the only picture I have where Sarah's not making a face... :)
Roomies! Love her.


  1. Awwww, so sweet. So happy for you. Will they all be at Provo next year?


  2. I wish! Lee will be for sure. Sarah might go teach English in South Korea from August to February before serving a mission (super cool, but-I'd totally miss her!). We're trying to convince her to stay in the states until she serves though. And Janae actually goes to BYU-I (sad!), but we're trying to convince her to transfer to the LDS Business College in SLC, so... maybe. If everything works out how I'd like it to then they will. ;)

    love love love.

  3. Bought the other lipstick, color is better but now seems too light plum-my. Need to get one that's red. At $7 a pop, though, I hesitate!

    Four+ inches of snow last night. Am wearing your Uggs today. Am I supposed to feel stylish or unstylish?

    Having movie night tonight, Hello Dolly, which was based on my play. Hopefully most actors can make it.

    Love you!


  4. PS Today was the most glorious day. It was sooo warm, ran around without a coat on, bright sunshine on inches of snow everywhere. Glorious.

  5. Wow- four inches! Crazy. And... as far as the Uggs are concerned... I have no idea. They may be rather unstylish, but goodness knows they're easy and comfy.

    Glad the color on the lipstick is better, sucks about the price though...

    Good luck with your movie night!!! That's so exciting. I'll be thinking about you in the morning (aka, your night :)

    Made it to Galilee, it's beautiful here. On a different note, my iPod may be broken- software problem. Oh well.

    Love you!!!!! I hope everything goes well tonight!



  6. Quelle horreur! Broken ipod? Sad sad sad! Maybe you can borrow Morgan's kindle. :-}

    Love your new profile pic. Couldn't figure out how to get profile info onto my blog page. Woefully (whoa-fully :-) out of technology touch.

    Do you know the show Big Bang Theory? Annie and I are addicted to it. It's in syndication on several channels so we've seen most of the seasons. Anyway, we rock at singing the theme song. Will post a video or show you in person in a couple weeks.

    Looking forward to hearing more about Galilee, my daughter who is exactly half way around the world. Makes me dizzy to think of how far away you are. Like when I was in Ukraine and you guys were back home, except longer.

    Not very many people showed up for the movie, about half. One person quit. Yikes. Still going forward. Pray for me!!!!!!



  7. Hi Sweetie Girl, trying to type on Dad's tiny computer (plus my nails are waaaay too long) so may have mistakes (can't let anyone think I just don't know how to spell, you know!). Having a blast together. Getting ready to hit the hot tub. It closes @ 6pm! Crazy. M&M world is gone - huge new Ross there, so not that huge of a loss I guess. That little time share we stayed in with G'ma that overlooked Bellagio is gone, too, huge towers there now. Thrift store is still there! :-}

    Sure do love you.


  8. Good news, M&M world is still there. Went to the huge new Ross (two floors!) and bought your dad new pants, shirt and tie. Shirt is a gorgeous warm pink stripe.

    All That Jazz was playing at the Bellagio fountain. Love it!

    Will go to Fashion Show tomorrow for lunch and to buy Morgan some pants, assuming we can find 32/36's.

    Will post more soon.

    MWAH on your pretty face