Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pictures! Finally.

Maybe it's just me (... but I don't think it is, as other people that have been to MT verified my opinion)  but don't those hills in the background look very Montana-esque? I love it here, but seriously, that was making me homesick. Hardcore.

Soon I will be back to give more information about what these pictures mean and where they are. For now, though, I wanted to at least get some up so that everyone can see a little bit of what we're doing here! These are all from our field trip earlier today. Thanks to mommy and daddy for getting my camera cord to me!! :)
After first arriving at the Tel. See the fortress in the background?
On our way to the fortresses! Epic sign.
Sacrificing Rebecca at the Sacrificial Altar

A close up to capture the intensity. Sacrifices were no trivial thing in the ancient days.

At Tel Avdat, in the remains of an ancient Christian church. 

A sampling of what some of the remains looked like

Jumping picture... classic.

Megan and I (somewhat unsuccessfully) mimicking the archway

3/4 of the Roommates Picture :)


  1. Love. The. Photos.!!! Did I get it right that you go onto another campus to post them instead of an Internet cafe?

    Yes, I saw your comment. I am totally addicted to your site now, checking even when I know you couldn't possibly have posted. :-}

    Your rent refund came in from King Henry (I won't post the amount on your blog, but it's between one and a million). Your dad will get it in the bank for you.

    Will post again, so you keep checking back too!



  2. Forgot to tell you about Divisionals. We leave at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon for Corvallis (leaving early because of freezing rain - yikes!). Missoula got around 7 inches of snow, so hoping there's enough time for the roads to get clear before we leave. My new guy is a sophomore in Hum Solo, did a different event that didn't work out, then found a Dmitri Martin piece that he did as HOI, now as Hum Solo. Funny piece about a fruit stand. State is in Polson this year.

    (Annie and Daddy are doing laundry. She just brought a garment out and asked me what it was. I told her it was Sissy's sleeveless shirt that does not meet honor code!)

    I keep looking at your photos. Sight for sore eyes, I tell ya.