Sunday, February 12, 2012


Some quick videos that I finally got a chance to upload! :) 

This first one is from the hotel in Jordan where we had our impromptu dance party. This video doesn't accurately capture the best of the dancing, but I was a little busy during those moments...

This next one is from our Palestinian folk dancing clinic after our Arab Night dinner. At this point most of the organized dancing had broken up and we were just jammin' to the Middle Eastern music.

And this last one is a guilty pleasure that hopefully Annie and Slavy will appreciate. Lemurs galore!!

1 comment:

  1. So fun! Your friend Sarah looks like a blast (I think that was her name. The one who is dancing in the video). The lemurs are so cool. What a thrill. So mad at you: Petra, Troy and lemurs!! :-}

    You should see Annie's MCT shirt - it is *covered* in names.

    Morgan ran in a private track meet this weekend, and had lung trouble. He ran the mile and said his lungs were on fire so he scratched for the two mile. He's had a cough for a couple of months. Is going to go to the doctor as soon as we can get him in. He went to the Harlem Globetrotters with the Trangs; he bought shorts like theirs, which are hysterical. Red and white vertical stripes with stars down the sides. He's wearing them to school today. I love his style!

    No Slava news except he's doing better, like I told you.

    Baloo is hardly shedding, thanks to getting frequently groomed and a really cool brush we got from the groomer. So you'll be less hairy when you come home. :-}

    Love love love love love love,